• Zondag 17 april 2022 - Hans Theessink in concert (blues)  Harmoniezaal St Cecilia Mheer -  20.00 u

Zondag 17 april 2022 - Hans Theessink in concert (blues) Harmoniezaal St Cecilia Mheer - 20.00 u

De levende Nederlandse blueslegende Hans Theessink behoort tot de absolute top van de blues'n roots in Europa en geniet ook in de VS veel succes.

Een concert in Limburg kan niet langer uitblijven. De Stichting Roots Unlimited en Ap Art Events slaan de handen in een om jullie deze master te presenteren in de intieme entourage van de harmoniezaal St. Cecilia van en in Mheer

De entree in de voorverkoop bedraagt slechts € 17,50. Aan de kassa betaal je € 20. Reserveren kan via info@ap-artevents.nl (ovv naam , telnr + aantal gewenste kaarten).

We adviseren om tijdig te reserveren. Er zijn maar 100 stoelen beschikbaar.

Enkele alles zeggende recensies (in Engels)

"Hans Theessink is an international blues treasure. He is one of the world's pre-eminent pickers and his warm baritone expresses blues." (Blues Revue, USA)

"Playing with just guitar and rack, Hans shows that the blues is a feeling, not just a place or region. His Dutch accented baritone, foot tapping percussion and country styled axe showed that blues is transnational, if not universal. He isn’t Europe’s most popular bluesman without reason. Incredible picking is matched by superb slide technique. Hans sang many self-penned originals and showed that he’s a prolific writer in the genre. The first set ended with an absolute amazing „Maybelline“, which he wrapped by plucking the E string while downtuning 2-3 steps and then bringing it back up into tune. The crowd just went berserk!" (Mark Gresser, Tri-State Blues, USA)

"The distinctive, Dutch guitar whiz is that rarest of operators, an informed, intuitive, non native devotee of American country-blues who’s carving his own niche in the interstices of a genre where even gifted, respectful white players from the States are often afforded a certain second-class status, regardless of their chops. Theessink doesn’t just recreate: He expands, siphoning and distilling strains of other rootsmusic styles (black gospel, Folk, New Orleans Jazz and more) into a seamless, heady blend that’s heavy on the jubilation, with some mighty tasty slide licks." (Frank Rabey, Mountain Xpress, North Carolina, USA)


zo 17 april 2022 20:00-22:39u

Dorpstraat 1 Mheer